Register Your Device

STUDENTS, FACULTY and STAFF can register your personal computer, network gaming device (XBOX, Playstation, Wii), or other wireless device to use it on the CMU network.

Be aware that personal wireless access points, routers, hubs, and switches are not allowed on campus.

This portal is made to register devices that for some reason don't have screens or are unable to browse the Internet such as Rokus,some game consoles (wired connection is recommended), some smart TVs, Amazon Alexa, etc.

Open the portal and enter your Eagle account username (i.e. BSMITH) and your email password, then click Log In.

CMU Device Management

Start Here (Main Menu):


CMU Device Management

Create Device:


CMU Device Management

Enter the device's MAC Address, it's 12 alphanumeric characters length, it needs to be typed altogether with no semicolons nor dashes for example 02165C98745B. The device name is what you would like to label it as reference (make the name short, descriptive, and inoffensive like "LukesXBox" or "Wdwrd125Wii". Names that violate the "Network Policy" linked above can get you banned from the CMU network, or worse.). We are not using the AirGroup functionality here, this option should not be checked.

Manage Devices (Devices can be renamed or deleted here if needed).


CMU Device Management

Once done creating, go ahead and connect to the wireless network CMUWAP, password is eaglesr#1 and your device will have Internet access now.

The CMU Wi-Fi device management portal link works ON and OFF Campus.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the helpdesk at 660-248-6197 or