Undergraduate Degree Program Model

The Values Statement, Mission Statement, and Educational Goals of Central Methodist University are pledges about the character of the College of Graduate and Extended Studies and the education it seeks to provide to all students. As these pledges make clear, the University understands education to be concerned with the formation of the self, not merely with providing information to an individual who is unchanged by it. Liberal education is formative as well as informative. At their best, both liberal arts education and education for professional preparation provide the intellectual knowledge, skills, and disciplines from which the student constructs his or her unique character as well as prepares for a career and for life.

The educational program described in the following pages is intended to fulfill the mission of the College of Graduate and Extended Studies by providing a curriculum that enables students to reach the Educational Goals of the College of Graduate and Extended Studies through acquiring the habits of mind, habits of heart, and habits of action that embody the good. The development of such habits requires both knowledge and mental discipline in many fields of study. Habits of mind should move beyond knowledge toward wisdom. And wisdom requires an understanding that decisions and actions should be based on both knowledge and the will to do the good. Our curriculum is designed to help students make responsible life choices with deep concern for the common good.

General Education Competencies and Requirements: Additional Information

  1. All baccalaureate degrees will be required to have the same 31.5-32-hour Common Core competencies and requirements.
  2. Courses in the major will not count in the Common Core.
  3. Each course taught as part of General Education will meet the General Education competencies. Competencies met by each course will be listed on the course syllabus.
  4. The core competencies are for the Common Core.
  5. Assessment of additional General Education require­ments may be a part of the major or profes­sional program assessment.
  6. Courses under the section "Understanding Human Nature and Exploring the Nature of the Universe" have specific competencies, but these courses should continue to emphasize information fluency and oral and written communications as part of the course. Where appropriate, these courses should also emphasize math literacy and wellness.

General Education Transfer Policies: Transfer credit will be accepted for courses generally equivalent to those in the General Education program. Depending on hours transferred, students may be able to have some general education requirements waived.

Take CMU101 & CMU102? Take PE111? Take CMU201?
0-29 transfer hours without one full-time semester of study on a university campus Yes Yes Yes
0-29 transfer hours with one full-time semester of study on a university campus No Yes Yes
30-59 transfer hours No No Yes
≥ 60 transfer hours No No No