Academic Divisions

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Central Methodist University is comprised of seven academic divisions: Accounting, Business, and Economics (BUS); Fine and Performing Arts (FA); Health Professions (HP); English, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, and Religion (HUM); Professional Education (EDU); Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science (SCI); and Social Sciences (SOSC). Each division offers programs leading to a number of undergraduate degrees.

Academic Divisions Associated Departments Chair (2016-2017)
Accounting, Business, and Economics (BUS) Accounting, Business, and Economics Prof. Julie Bennett 660-248-6250
Fine and Performing Arts (FA) Music, Theatre Arts, and Art Dr. Dori Waggoner 660-248-6321
Health Professions (HP) Athletic Training and Nursing Prof. Megan Hess 660-248-6359
English, Foreign Languages, Philosophy, and Religion (HUM) English, Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German), Philosophy, and Religion Dr. Travis Johnson, 660-248-6308
Professional Education (EDU) Education and Physical Education Prof. Sally Hackman 660-248-6633
Science, Mathematics, Computer Science (SCI) Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics Dr. James Gordon 660-248-6253
Social Sciences (SOSC) Communication, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology Collin Brink, 660-248-6301