Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - 120 Hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirementsRequired courses from General Education:
MA105 Elementary Statistics (3) (Any student whose ACT Math subscore is below 19 must pass MA090 and MA103I before taking MA105. Anyone with an ACT Math subscore that is 20 or 21 must pass MA103I before taking MA105.)
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (21-24 Hours)
Humanities or Fine Arts:
When choosing a Humanities course, see guidelines.
When choosing a Fine Arts course, see guidelines.
9 hours (BA) 6 hours (BS)
Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PS, PY, or SO): See guidelines. 3 hours (BA) 6 hours (BS)
Science: See guidelines. 3-4 hours
BA Foreign Language (a single language)BS Analytical Skills: See guidelines. 6-8 hours
Mathematics Major Requirements (33-42 Hours)
MA118 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (5)
MA209 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II (5)
MA308 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (5)
MA480 Senior Projects (Capstone) (3)
SC425 Science Seminar (Capstone) (1)
Electives (14-20 hours):
BA Major: Math Electives (14)
BS Major: Math Electives (20)
Minor and Electives (To Complete Min. 120 Hours)