Bachelor of Music in Music Ministry - Min. 120 Hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (12 Hours)
RL201 Old Testament, RL203 Explorations in Christian Thought, or RL310 Biblical Literature in the Ancient World (3)
RL202 New Testament, RL301 Mission and Message of Jesus, RL302 Paul and the Early Church (3)
RL205 Introduction to Church Leadership (3)
Religion elective
Music Major Requirements (80 Hours)
Music academic core Requirements (24 hours)
MU107    The Theory and Practice of Music I (3)
MU108    The Theory and Practice of Music II (3)
MU117    Aural Skills I (1)
MU118    Aural Skills II (1)
MU150    Introduction to Western Music (2)
MU207    The Theory and Practice of Music III (3)
MU217    Aural Skills III (1)
MU321    Music History I (3)
MU322    Music History II (3)
MU423    American Music (2) (Capstone) 
MU465    Form and Analysis (2) (Capstone)
 Music Ministry Core (22 hours)
MU105  Fundamentals of Music Technology (2)
MU109  Music Business (2)
MU203  Advanced Music Technology (2)
MU204  Worship Design (3)
MU214  Basic Conducting (2)
MU314  Advanced Choral Arranging or MU317 Advanced Instrumental Conducting (2)
MU310  Commercial/Jazz Theory (3)
MU311  Commercial/Jazz Arranging (2)
MU401  Worship/Commercial Music Rehearsal Techniques (2)
MU468  Internship (2)
Applied Music (34)
Primary-Applied voice, piano, or guitar (16 hours) and includes senior recital and techniques classes
MLX__ Applied Lessons (15 hours)
MU492 Senior Recital (1 hour) ) (Capstone)Secondary-Applied voice, piano, or guitar (8 hours), includes techniques classes
Piano major chooses voice
Guitar major chooses voice
Voice major chooses piano or guitar
Tertiary-Applied voice, piano, or guitar (2 hours), includes techniques classes
Ensembles (8 hours):  Must be enrolled in and successfully participate in a major ensemble and Worship Team each semester of full-time attendance
Major ensemble (4 hours)
MU068 Worship team (4 hours)
Electives (To Complete Min. 120 Hours)