Jack B. Kubisch Papers

Jack B. Kubisch, a Central College graduate from 1942, was presented with an honorary Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 1974 and was also keynote speaker for that commencement ceremony.

Dr. Kubisch donated a portion of his personal papers to the Smiley Memorial Library collection in 2000. Many of these documents were originally classified by the federal government. They have since been unclassified. A brief listing of the materials donated is available below. All information contained can be accessed by visiting Smiley Memorial Library.

Biographical information

Listing of Materials

News Releases

Ambitious Agenda Proposed for Initial World Trade Organization Ministerial. From Institute for International Economics, September 30, 1996.

G-7 has Declined Drastically: Exchange Rate and Financial Reforms Required. From Institute for International Economics, June 4, 1996.

G-7 Leaders should Broaden Anticorruption Agreement. From Institute for International Economics, June 16, 1997.

Globalization Requires Positive Government Policy Responses. From Institute for International Economics, March 13, 1997.

Japan Must Provide Strong Leadership for Upcoming APEC Summit. From Institute for International Economics, October 12, 1995.

Japanese Barriers Block $9-$18 Billion of Annual American Exports, comprehensive New Policy Package Needed. From Institute for International Economics, June 15, 1993.

Misc. Documents

Dua, Andre and Daniel C. Esty. Sustaining the Asia-Pacific Miracle: Economic Integration and Environmental Protection [draft copy]. New Haven, CT: Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, n.d.

National Security and the Origins of Conflict: Syllabus Unit 1. National Defense University: The National War College, August 15-September 1, 1977.

Institute for International Economics Working Papers Series

Atje, Raymond and Gary C. Hufbauer. The Market Structure Benefits of Trade and Investment Liberalization. No. 96-7.

Bergsten, C. Fred. APEC After Osaka: Toward Free Trade by 2010/2020. No. 96-1.

Bergsten, C. Fred. APEC in 1996 and Beyond: the Subic Summit. No. 96-12.

Bergsten, C. Fred. APEC: The Bogor Declaration and the Path Ahead. No. 95-1.

Bergsten, C. Fred. Competitive Liberatization and Global Free Trade: a Vision for the Early 21st Century. No. 96-15.

Bergsten, C. Fred. Open Regionalism: No. 97-3.

Frankel, Jeffrey A. with Shang-Jin Wei and Ernesto Stein. APEC and Regional Trading Arrangements in the Pacific. No. 94-1.

Graham, Edward M. Towards an Asia Pacific Investment Code. No. 94-2.

Graham, Edward M. Competition Policies in the Dynamic Industrializing Economies: the Cases of China, Korea, and Chinese Taipei. No. 96-9.

Jaggi, Gautam, Mary Rundle, Daniel Rosen and Yuichi Takahashi. China's Economic Reforms: Chronology and Statistics. No. 96-5.

Jaggi, Gautam. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA): Chronology and Statistics. No. 95-4.

McFadyen, Jacqueline. U.S.-Japan Civil Aviation: Prospects for Progress. No. 97-2.

Noland, Marcus, Sherman Robinson, Monica Scatasta. Modeling Economic Reform in North Korea. No. 96-10.

Noland, Marcus. Chasing Phantoms: the Political Economy of USTR. No. 97-1.

Noland, Marcus. China and the International Economic System. No. 95-6.

Noland, Marcus. German Lessons for Korea: The Economics of Unification. No. 96-3.

Noland, Marcus. Has Asian Export Performance been Unique? No. 95-3.

Noland, Marcus. Implications of Asian Economic Growth. No. 94-5.

Noland, Marcus. Public Policy, Private Preferences, and the Japanese Trade Pattern. No. 96-2.

Noland, Marcus. Restructuring Korea's financial Sector of Greater Competitiveness. No. 96-14.

Noland, Marcus. Research and Development Activities and Trade Specialization in Japan. No. 96-4.

Noland, Marcus. Some Unpleasant Arithmetic Concerning Unification. No. 96-13.

Noland, Marcus. The Future of US-Korea Economic Relations. No. 96-8.

Noland, Marcus. The North Korean Economy. No. 95-5.

Noland, Marcus. Trade, Investment, and Economic Conflict Between the US and Asia. No. 96-11.

Noland, Marcus. US-China Economic Relations. No. 96-6.

Schott, Jeffrey J. From Bogor to Miamiââ'¬Â¦ and Beyond: Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific and the Western Hemisphere. No. 95-2.

Wonnacott, Paul. Merchandise Trade in the APEC Region: Scope for MFN Liberalization? No. 94-3.

Wonnacott, Paul. The Automotive Industry in Southeast Asia: Can Protection be Made Less Costly? No. 94-4.

Briefing Records

Secretary Kissinger's Participation in the 28th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, September-October 1973. Daily Briefing Book.

Latin America Reference Briefing Book. Set II, vol. 1, 2 & 3.

Book of various briefings from 1972 & 1973, concerning Cuba and Latin America Economic Integration, Panama and National Security Council.

Secretary Rogers Trip to Latin America, May 1973.

Meeting of Foreign Ministers, April 1974.

Briefing Book, June 1973.

Meeting of Foreign Ministers in Mexico City, February 1974.

Memoranda of Conversations, 1974.

Peron Funeral, July 1974.

Bilateral Briefing Book, Washington Meeting of Foreign Ministers, 1974.

Follow-up Plan for Secretary's Latin American Initiatives, ca. 1974.

Meeting of Foreign Ministers, Washington, D.C., April 17-18, 1974.

Secretary Rogers trip to Latin America, May 1973.

The Record. Meeting of Foreign Ministers, Mexico, February 1974.

President Nixon's Visit to Mexico, August 20-21, 1970.

IX Annual IA-ECOSOC, 1974.

Inauguration of President Echeverria of Mexico, June 1972.

General Assembly of the Organization of American States Briefing Book, April 1974.

Various Files

"Mr. Kubisch", May 29, 1973. Swearing in as Assistant Secretary.


"NODIS", November 14-16, 1973. Foreign Ministers Meeting--Bogota.

Daily Activities Report to the Secretary.

"Kubisch LA Trip", February 1974.

[unlabeled file with miscellaneous correspondence received. 1974-1975.]

"Special Papers Prepared for Secretary", 1973.

June 17, 1974. House Appropriations Committee (Passman).

"Open and Executive", September 28, 1973. Sub Committee on Refugees and Escapees, KENNEDY-Subject: Chile.

"Mr. Kubisch", June 1973. Visit to Lima, Peru -- OAS Meetings.

"Mr. Kubisch", February 8-13, 1974. Sub-Regional COM Meetings.

"Open", September 20, 1973. Subcommittee on Inter-American Affairs, FASCELL - Subject: Chile.

"Executive", September 12, 1973. Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs - MCGEE - Subject: Chile.

"Mr. Kubisch (Open)", March 26, 1974. Hearing Before Fascell Subcommittee, Mexico MFM/Wash MFM/OAS-GA Atlanta.


Secretary's Staff Meeting.

"Mr. Kubisch". Representation Funds.

"Mr. Kubisch", May 1973. Questions & Answers for Nomination.

"Mr. Kubisch". Speeches - Press Conferences.

Miscellaneous Washington Papers--Classified.

Secretary's L.A. Initiatives.

1974. MFMs and New Dialogue.

[Unlabeled file containing Kissinger's schedule for October 4, 1973.]

"Paris": 1971-73.

"Paris Inspection" - 1972.