Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee researches, develops, reviews, and recommends procedures/policies to assess student learning in and beyond the classroom. In coordination with the Provost of the University, and the Director of Assessment, the Assessment Committee advises the faculty on the progress of student learning. A yearly report is presented to faculty summarizing assessment of academic programs and General Education, and any changes to the General Education assessment plan.

Committee Membership

Dr. Ashley Lough Associate Professor of Biology (Chair)
Dr. Lisa Morrison Assistant Professor of Business and Accounting
Dr. Kevin Carnahan Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Prof. Kristan Erdmann Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
Prof. Pam Shackelford Assistant Professor of Accounting
Dr. Patrick Dill Assistant Professor of Music
Prof. Christine Carnes Course Review Specialist & CGES Representative
Dean Sandra Wald Director of Assessment (Ex-Officio)
Dean Suzanne Hickman Ex-Officio