General Education

The Wheel To ensure that educational experiences at CMU engender the ideals incorporated in the mission and vision statements, the faculty, administration, and trustees adopted new university wide learning principles and associated outcomes in the Spring of 2016.

Six of the nine outcomes will be used to assess the general education program (the first two outcomes listed for each principle). The remaining higher order outcome will be assessed at the senior, graduating student level.

Communication (articulate, multimodal, professional)

  • Students are articulate, able to speak and write clearly and effectively.
  • Students are multimodal, able to interpret and express ideas through multiple modes of communication.
  • Students are professional, able to adapt to and interact with others in a confident, responsible, and engaged manner.
Curiosity (discover, analyze, create)
  • Students can discover, explore, and seek solutions based on accumulated knowledge and current research.
  • Students can analyze, evaluate, interpret, and summarize data.
  • Students can create and innovate using critical thinking and collaborative skills.

Community (serve, respect, lead)

  • Students will serve others and be ethical, informed citizens.
  • Students will understand and respect diversity, including others' viewpoints, positions, and beliefs.
  • Students will lead creatively and collaboratively to produce positive changes in the broader world.