Data and Reporting

CMU uses several institutional assessments to gauge student learning across the campus as a whole. Academic and Co-curricular programs report assessment findings each year. Academic findings are include in the WEAVE summary report. Additional programmatic reports and surveys are also written and/or collected. The following are a selection of institutional measures currently in use:

National (Beginning/Faculty) Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE, BSSE, FSSE)
NSSE provides participating institutions a variety of reports that compare their students' responses with those of students at self-selected groups of comparison institutions. Comparisons are available for ten Engagement Indicators, six High-Impact Practices, and all individual survey questions.

NSSE, FSSE and BCSSE Detailed Reporting

WEAVEOnline Education Assessment Reporting

WEAVE provides a storehouse for course, programmatic, and institutional assessment data. The system uses the hierarchy of Outcomes --> Measure --> Target --> Findings to provide a systematic approach to data collection and entry. CMU has utilized WEAVE for assessment reporting since 2008.

WEAVE Academic Detailed Assessment Reports

Undergraduate 2018-19

Undergraduate 2017-18

Undergraduate 2016-17

Multi-State Collaborative Assessment Project

The MSC is an initiative designed to provide meaningful evidence about how well students are achieving important learning outcomes. Instead of producing reports about average scores on tests, the project is piloting the use of common rubrics applied by teams of faculty to student' authentic college work-including such things as projects, papers, and research. The MSC is designed to produce valid data summarizing faculty judgments of students' own work, and also seeks to aggregate results in a way that allows for benchmarking across institutions and states.

The project has been retired and all resources may be found through the AAC&U website.

2016-17 MSC Report - Written Communication
2016-17 MSC Report - Critical Thinking
2016-17 MSC Report - Quantitative Literacy

Other Institutional Resources and Reports

Co-Curricular Assessment and Reporting

Dual Credit Assessment and Reporting