Program Details

Environmental Science Mission Statement

The Environmental Science major is intended for students preparing for environmentally related professional careers. The course work includes a basic foundation in biological and physical sciences with emphasis on chemistry, ecology and industrial applications. Job opportunities are available in environmental consulting firms, public utility companies, municipalities and federal environmental agencies. The curriculum provides a good foundation for those planning to pursue graduate studies in environmental science, industrial hygiene, pollution control or waste management.


Programmatic Learning Objectives

1. The well-prepared ES major must build a broad base of knowledge in cell biology, genetics, physiology, ecology, zoology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics and possibly geology. The major should be able to integrate knowledge from several basic sciences as they specialize in their chosen area.

2. Proper training in ES requires laboratory proficiency. Students should be able to be proficient in basic laboratory techniques and collection and analysis of data. 

3. The well-trained ES major should be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, about environmental concepts.



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