Program Details


Physics Mission Statement

The physics major is designed to prepare students for graduate school in physics and allied areas of science and engineering. Students will also be qualified for scientific or technical employment with industry or government. It is also designed to prepare students to teach physics at the high school level. The student has the option of graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree or with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Programmatic Learning Objectives

1. Physics majors should have a thorough knowledge & comprehension of the fundamental concepts and scientific theories of physics. In addition, they should be competent problem-solvers of both theoretical and practical problems.

2. Physics majors should be competent, ethical, and safety-conscious in the lab. They should be able to design and set up an experiment, collect and analyze data, properly document experiment procedures and data, identify sources of error, interpret results and make relevant connections to other areas in physics and other science disciplines

3. Physics majors should be able to effectively communicate orally and in writing chemical principles and theories, the procedures and results of experiments, and their analysis of problems. They should be able to defend conclusions reached in experimental results or solution to problems.


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