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Parent Orientation 2020

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CMU provides a broad range of services and resources, all designed for a single purpose: to help you succeed at CMU. Our staff of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing quality, personalized service to help you reach your full potential as you achieve your academic and personal goals.

Expectations of Parents

Central Methodist is poised to guide and assist each unique student through their first semesters as college freshmen. But the transition to higher education can be as daunting for parents as it is for students. Click here to find out what to expect as a parent of a first-year student.

Important Dates to Know

Expectations of Students

While students will have newfound freedom and time to explore activities during their early semesters of college, they’ll also have to develop a new level of self-discipline in their new environment. As freshmen will meet new people, including students, staff, and faculty from all walks of life. Click here to find out how all of this will factor into their self-discovery as they grow “outside of the box.”

Expectations of CMU

CMU students will...

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