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CMU Delta Beta Tau Fraternity


CMU Delta Beta Tau Fraternity

Delta Beta Tau, often referred to as the BANGAS for short, are one of five social fraternities at CMU. They were established in 1984 by eight willing and care free individuals with different interests and pursuits. The organization made a strong and lasting impact at CMU until the mid-2000’s where they died out shortly after. The BANGAS were brought back to campus in the Fall of 2014 by nine tenacious and autonomous individuals. Their official colors are Red and Silver.


CMU Delta Beta Tau FraternityThe men of Delta Beta Tau take great honor in carrying on the traditions of the BANGA TWANGA PRIDE. With the American Cancer Society as their philanthropy the BANGA Men raise money through fundraisers, rack up large amounts of service hours, and are always looking to make a positive impact on CMU and the surrounding communities.


The BANGAS hold many events such as Tailgates and Toga Parties, Float Trips, Christmas Dinners, Fraternity Guys' Weekends and Spring Formals. The BANGA Men are always striving to be the best individuals they can be and make a difference.


CMU Delta Beta Tau FraternityDelta Beta Tau's goal is to create long-lasting bonds through pride, unity and the belief in their cause. The brotherhood of the BANAGA TWANGA Pride is seen on campus and throughout Fayette and the surrounding areas.

Greatness: Comes to those who accept the challenge of life...BTB


CMU Delta Beta Tau Fraternity