CLT COVID Policies

Fayette on Campus Students with Academic disabilities

  • Student is required to renew or apply for disability services each semester.
  • ADA Accommodations letters will be emailed to professors and student.
  • The student should have a conversation with faculty about the accommodations; however, if the faculty believes that a more specific accommodation is necessary, he or she should contact Maryann Rustemeyer, or Teresa Argent, at
  • Many of the ADA accommodations for a seated class will apply in a virtual setting, such as extra time on assignments.


  • Tutoring will use Zoom through WConline
  • All CLAS students have a shortcut app on their iPads for WC Online Academic Resources or they can go to on a desktop. They will use this program to schedule tutoring time.
  • Most tutoring will be remote; any tutoring in person will still meet the physical distancing requirements of keeping 6 feet between persons and wearing a mask.


  • Students must have an appointment for a test. Requests can be made through the email for the Center for Learning and Teaching (
  • It may not be possible for the test to be given at the same time as it is in the class.

Study Hall

  • Students will schedule a Study hall time through the WC Online Academic Resources.
  • Students will clock-in for study hall on the first floor (hand sanitizer will be available).
  • Students will be not be permitted to stay for study hall if they are napping or otherwise not studying or using the academic resources available.

Success Coaching with students required to meet with CLT staff

  • Students will have regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Only 1 student at a time will be able to meet with staff in their offices, wearing mask and social distancing.
  • Most meetings will take place via Zoom.