First Destination Survey

Helping CMU alumni achieve career success is important to us. This survey seeks to collect accurate career outcomes data from our graduates each year. If you are still in search of your first destination, know that the Career Development Center is always a resource.

The information you provide is strictly for the purposes of reporting outcomes and telling the story of a CMU education; your personal information is never shared outside CMU without permission.

Degree Level
What is the best way to reach you?
Which of the following BEST describes your PRIMARY status after graduation? Select only ONE of the following categories:
If your PRIMARY status is employed, please select the category which BEST describes your employment.
If your PRIMARY status is employed or volunteer/service program
If your PRIMARY status is enrolled in a program of continuing education, please provide the following information concerning your education:
If you have employment or graduate school plans, what were the most helpful methods in finding an appropriate job or graduate school?
Internship/Student Teaching Information
Did you participate in an intership or student teach for your degree?
How satisfied were you with your experience?
Did your internship result in an invitation to return as an intern or employee?
In the future would you be interested in providing CMU students with career or graduate school related information?