Pre-Scheduling Questionnaire

This questionnaire will assist CMU advisors to create a first-time student's schedule. Students should complete this form.

Personal Information
Academic Information
An education at Central Methodist allows students to study several different subjects as part of the general education program. Courses found most interesting can often meet major or minor requirements - but ALL will count for graduation credit. Taking courses related to your area of academic interest now can help you solidify your long-term academic goals. Please list up to four academic areas you find interesting and would like to explore.
Your intentions to participate in a program are not affected by your major. A program is a collection of activities, events (and maybe classes) that provide an experience outside of the normal coursework. A program may be related to your interest area or your desire to attend a graduate school. Are you interested in participating in a program? Mark any that apply:
To earn college credit through AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate), you need to pay an exam fee and have an official score report sent to CMU. We will award credit based on the exam score you earned. Before classes begin, will you pay for and take an AP or IB exam?
To earn college credit through the dual credit system, we need a final, official transcript from the college/university that is awarding the credit (with a grade of C or higher.) If it's a CMU class, we don't need a transcript. There is often a tuition fee required for this type of credit. Will you have completed dual credit classes before coming to CMU?
Would you like to take a Foreign Language in your first year?
Have you accepted an athletic scholarship or do you have permission from a coach to participate on an athletic team?
Do you have a music or fine arts scholarship?