Accelerated MBA Program

Rockhurst University

Upon completion of an undergraduate degree from CMU, students are eligible to enter Rockhurst University's Accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program. To be eligible, CMU undergraduate degrees must have included courses equivalent to and satisfying requirements for Rockhurst's Business minor; students also must satisfy requirements for admission to Rockhurst's MBA program, to include the appropriate GMAT score, as determined by Rockhurst University. Upon admission, students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of graduate Business courses beyond the Business minor or equivalent. CMU graduates must begin this MBA program within one year of completing their undergraduate degrees, and they must complete the Accelerated MBA Program within three years of receiving their undergraduate degree.

Maryville University

The Accelerated MBA program with Maryville University is open to students with junior standing, a 3.3 undergraduate GPA, and who are admitted to the MBA program by Maryville University. Students are able to enroll in six hours of undergraduate coursework at CMU that will count toward the MBA and to also enroll in six hours of coursework from Maryville University's MBA that will count toward the undergraduate degree program at CMU. For additional information contact the Business, Accounting and Economics division.