World Tree

Mission: As a group, World Tree seeks to create and sustain an environment where students may explore Paganism, magic, witchcraft, and nature-based spiritual practices, by learning from each other and teaching each other. 

We create this environment by calling upon the principles of:  

  • Freedom: Members are allowed to pursue whatever line of inquiry or study they choose, provided that it does not harm others, including themselves. 

  • Agency: Not all who find themselves called to magic, witchcraft, or Paganism will decide to stay. Members can join and leave the group at will, with no pressure or coercion from other members. 

  • Self-determination: The only person who can decide what path of devotion or study is the best for them is that person alone. It is not our place to dissuade any person from their pursuit of insight, power, wisdom, or divine communion. Additionally, the only person who knows best when and where to publicly declare themselves a magician, witch, and/or Pagan is that person alone, not other members of the group.

  • Self-discovery: The exploration of magic, witchcraft, nature-based spirituality, or Paganism—or some combination of all of these—enriches our lives as individuals and community members.

  • Solidarity: Whatever differences there may be between our beliefs, practices, experiences, or deities (including none at all), we are here to encourage, support, learn from and share with each other.

Meetings are the first and third Friday of the month, at 7:00pm.If you are interested in this group, please contact our Faculty Advisor, Jennifer Parsons, at