Drone or UAV Operational Guidelines

Central Methodist University Drone or UAV Operational Guidelines:

These guidelines cover any and all property owned and or operated by Central Methodist University.

  1. The operation of any Drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) over exterior lands not owned and operated by CMU shall fall under state and federal regulations for UAV usage.
  2. The operation of any UAV equipment on and over lands owned and operated by CMU shall follow all state and federal regulations and requires a prior filing of an operating plan with the Plant Operations Office.
    1. The Director of Plant Operations will review the plan and make a recommendation to the VP of Finance and Administration for its approval, noting any limitations.
    2. Local Law Enforcement use of UAV technology in execution of a search warrant or as part of a tactical response to an immediate threat is automatically authorized, subject to applicable law and government regulations.
    3. Operators will check in with the Director of Plant Operations before use on campus and will notify the Director upon leaving campus.
  3. Operating plans shall include: (form also available in Plant Office)
    1. Equipment to be used, (include information about the UAV control systems, communication systems etc.)
    2. Date and approximate time to be used,
    3. Location(s) to be used,
    4. Purpose(s) of the operation,
    5. The identity and contact information of pilot(s) or other remote operator(s),
    6. All forms of data (including imagery) to be collected,
    7. Current status of any required licenses or permissions
    8. Provisions for security of the equipment, both during and outside of operation, and of any sensitive data collected.
  4. For approval of an operating plan:
    1. Plan must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to operations on campus.
    2. The plan must include all required information in its content,
    3. The envisioned operation must comply with applicable laws, government regulations, and other University policies,
    4. The envisioned operation must not pose an unacceptable threat to health, safety, privacy, or the environment, either in an absolute sense or compared to other methods of obtaining the desired information,
    5. The envisioned operation must be judged by CMU administrators to be in the best interest of the public and the University.
  5. The Director of Plant Operations will notify operators of approval to operate on campus. This must be received before the UAV is brought onto campus.

The University holds the right to immediately shut down the operation of an UAV if it creates any type of electronic interference, poses a hazard to sensitive campus equipment, or interferes with any CMU activity.

Any questions or comments about this UAV policy shall be directed to Plant Operations 660-248-6295 or by email at operations@centralmethodist.edu.