First Class Frequently Asked Questions

What is First Class? First Class at CMU provides the opportunity for qualified high school students to enroll in approved classes that are taught in their local high school in compliance with the Coordinating Board of Higher Education guidelines for dual credit programs. When students successfully complete a course, they receive both high school and college credit. The program allows student to get an early start in fulfilling college requirements.

How do I enroll? The student must submit an enrollment form with full tuition by the enrollment deadline. The courses offered are determined by the high school.

How long are the courses? Courses follow the high school schedule and CMU's main campus calendar. Classes typically begin on the first day of school for classes taught in the high school by the school's own approved teacher. Classes that are taught via ITV begin on the first day of classes according to the main campus calendar. Semester classes end according to the main campus calendar, usually a few days before the students are out for Christmas break or a few days before the end of the school year. The teacher's must submit grades before the end of the year.

How do I get my books? Each school is different. Students must check with their home school. If you need to buy your books, order them 1-2 weeks in advance. Books are listed in the First Class Handbook by class on page 19. The courses are listed alphabetically by course number, e.g. HI117 (page 24) lists the course description and the textbooks needed.

Please note that textbooks are listed for In house (text), which means students are taking the class in their own high school with their own high school teacher who has been approved to teach the class, or ITV text, which means that the students are taking the class via ITV. Books are not always the same for all three formats, please check carefully so that you get the correct book. The ISBN listed is for Amazon so you can order your books online. Dual credit books are typically an edition or two behind the campus counterpart, so they are cheaper and sometimes a bit harder to find.

Can I sell my book back when my classes are finished? Absolutely! You can sell them back to Amazon or to another student in your school that is taking the class after you.

What if the class is too hard for me, or I don't enough time for it? It is very important that you complete an official withdraw form and send back to campus. You can do this through your high school counselor. If you drop before the eighth week of class you may be entitled to a partial refund. You will receive a "W" on your transcript from CMU.

How do I request a transcript? All students must request a transcript using the online request form. Complete the online request form. Once the online request form is complete and entered, it will be sent to CMU Registrar's Office electronically and automatically. Please make sure to check "send after grades" so that you will not have a transcript sent before the final grade. For further information call the Registrar's Office at 660-248-6994.