MoreNET Graduate Credit

MORENET provides teacher education workshops designed to increase the technology competency of the K-12 classroom teacher. These workshops range from in length.

Graduate students desire to increase their knowledge and application of technology in the classroom. These workshops from MORENET will provide this opportunity and allow the provision of graduate credit.

Policy Governing Earning of Graduate Credit for MORENET Workshops:

  1. Students may earn one (1) graduate credit hour for every one (1) day of workshop programming completed through MORENET.
  2. Students may combine two ½ day workshops for one (1) graduate credit.
  3. Students must apply to CMU for the graduate credit. Applications are available by mail, fax, or online.
  4. Payment and applications may be made by check, cash, or credit card. (Do not send cash by mail.)
  5. Send completed information to:

    Jerri L. Carter
    Graduate Operations Coordinator
    411 Central Methodist Square, Fayette, MO 65248

  6. Students must submit a completed application, an undergraduate transcript indicating receipt of the baccalaureate degree, and a $75 per credit hour graduate fee plus a $20 per credit hour service fee.
  7. Students must submit a two page reflective summary of the workshop content for each credit earned.
  8. Include in the summary:

    a. title of course(s)
    b. summary of content
    c. ways in which the participant intends to use the information to improve classroom teaching

  9. Students are enrolled in ED790 and receive a grade of pass or fail.
  10. Further information may be obtained from the Director of Graduate Studies at CMU.