Time Management

Goals to accomplish this semester

Make a list of two or three goals, both academic and personal, that you plan to accomplish this semester and prioritize them. If you are a full-time student, your studies should be first on your list. Ask yourself, "How do I plan to accomplish these goals?"

Make a semester schedule

  • Use the semester calendar. Include the following:
    • Test dates
    • Due dates for major class assignments or projects
    • School events you need to attend
    • Personal events you need to attend
    • Make a permanent weekly schedule for the semester
  • Use the Weekly Schedule. Include the following:
    • Classes
    • Meal time
    • Work study
    • Other Work schedule
    • Practices

Study time

Schedule at least two hours of study time for every credit hour. For example, if you are taking 15 credit hours for the semester, you should schedule 30 hours throughout the week for study preparation and completing class assignments.

Choose study times carefully.

When is your best time to study? If you study better in the morning yours, plan your study times in the morning. If you are a night person and study better at night, plan for your study times to be later in the evening. Be practical and realistic. Break study time up into small increments.