Student Printing Policy

Central Methodist University recognizes that students need to print materials for classes and personal use. The University also recognizes its responsibility to promote responsible use of the network printers on campus and the environmental and financial impact of these resources. Accordingly, all students will be allocated 500 free single-sided black-and-white prints each semester or a $50 printing balance per semester (see printing charges) which is automatically added to each student's printing account.

Students may check their current balance on their account by:

  • Logging into a campus computer and clicking on the Papercut Icon on the lower right-hand side of the taskbar;
  • Going to the Papercut web interface and logging in to verify your information;
  • Stopping by the Office of Technology Services

Please review information on current printing charges. Students who wish to print more than their allotted number of pages will be able to purchase additional credit. Users may deposit funds in five dollar increments into their account at any time by stopping by the Office of Technology Services. Balances will not carry over to the next semester when the accounts are reset.

Any questions may be directed to the Office of Technology Services.