Technology Checklist

Tech For Your Room

  1. Television & coaxial cable (note there is only one CATV outlet per room)
  2. Optional devices such as: DVD or Blu-ray player, Gaming Console or a Smart Device
    1. Note all smart devices will need registered on the network
  3. Consider long corded power strip(s) with surge protection
  4. Ethernet cable is recommended for gaming consoles (CAT5/RJ45) (one network port per student)
  5. Printer paper (used for residence hall lobby printers)
  6. You may use a personal printer, however we recommend using a USB cable for all of your printing needs.
    In order to ensure that the University wireless network has strong coverage throughout the residence halls for you and others, we do not allow printers to use their wireless functionality.
    There is a network printer in all residence hall lobbies and throughout campus.
  7. Consider a keyboard for your Apple iPad or other apple accessories that meet your needs and preferences
  8. Finally, work on memorizing your Eagle login info, myCMU login info and your CMU student ID number  

Internet access is available from all residence hall rooms, in computer labs across campus and through CMU's wireless network. If you have a laptop and want to take advantage of our wireless internet access be sure your laptop has wireless capabilities. In order to ensure reliable wireless internet access, all student wireless devices must Register on the CMU Network. All student internet bandwidth is managed to ensure an acceptable quality of service. 

Not Bringing a Computer?
That's OK. You have an CMU issued iPad or you can use a computer at one of the labs on campus. Machines are loaded with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Microsoft Office 2019 suite which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access and more.

What Not to Bring...
Due to security compliance, personal wireless access points, routers, hubs, and switches are not allowed in residence halls. Visit the Unacceptable Use Policy for more information.