Records of Electronic Communication

Users should be aware that their uses of Central Methodist University technology resources are not completely private. Central Methodist University does not routinely monitor individual usage of its technology resources; however, the normal operation and maintenance of the University's technology resources require the backup and caching of data and communications. The logging of activity, the monitoring of general usage patterns, and other such activities are necessary for the rendering of service. The University may also specifically access and monitor the activity and accounts of individual users of University technology resources, including individual log in session and communications, without notice, when:

  • the user has consented, or has voluntarily made information or communications accessible to the public, as by posting them to a web page or listserv;
  • it is necessary to maintain University business functions and the user is no longer with the University, is suspended, or is otherwise unavailable;
  • an account appears to be engaged in unusual or unusually excessive activity, as indicated by the monitoring of general activity and usage patterns;
  • it reasonably appears necessary to do so to protect the integrity, security, or functionality of University or other technology resources or to protect the University from liability;
  • there is reasonable cause to believe that the user has violated, or is violating, this policy or other University policies as reflected in information for faculty, the employee handbook, student handbook or other official University documents.

The University, in its discretion, may disclose the results of any such general or individual monitoring, including the contents and records of individual communications, to appropriate University personnel or law enforcement agencies and may use those results in appropriate University disciplinary proceedings.