Social Media Policy

CMU provides access to the Internet for all of its employees as a privilege and in many cases a necessity to meet the responsibilities of their job. This includes the use of social networking sites and access to an array of wikis and blogs. The University defines "professional activities" as those that advance the University's mission.

In light of that definition, each employee is reminded that, when he or she blogs, contributes to a wiki or accesses a social networking site with a CMU email address, the employee is a representative of the University and must act accordingly. That means an employee can access such sites as Facebook or Twitter to communicate with students, faculty, staff or other professional colleagues in matters related to their teaching and/or professional responsibilities at CMU.

Staff or faculty using a CMU address to create or post comments to blogs or wikis, or who reference their professional affiliation to CMU, should include this disclaimer: The comments and or postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily reflect CMU's opinion or policies.

CMU will not indemnify an employee for anything she, or he, writes on a social network, either under the CMU email account or a private one. Furthermore, CMU reserves the right to take personnel action against any employee who uses the Internet with University equipment or email addresses for illegal or inappropriate activities.