Political Science Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to succeed in this major?

If you're considering a political science major at CMU, you should be curious about human affairs, and have an interest in trying to understand related problems so you're able to solve them. You should also have a passion for learning about complex social phenomena, and real-world social and political issues.

How will I know if this major fits me?

The political science major will fit your interests if you'd like to discover answers to many of life's "big questions" - about political power, societal challenges, and achieving noble purposes. War, terrorism, prospects for peace, the nature of a rewarding life, and characteristics of a just society also will be studied.

What can I expect to learn?

As a political science student at CMU, your classes will help you demonstrate the application of quantitative data analysis skills to political science data. You will develop and practice research skills, become familiar with the canon of political science literature, and become proficient in communicating the discipline of political science. You'll learn about major authors, works, and theories, as well as processes, international relations, political theory, public law, and much more.

Will I have opportunities for internships and hands-on learning experiences?

The political science program has opportunities for students that include independent study and field experience with political officials, advocacy groups, law firms, legislative offices, and executive branch agencies.

What are CMU students who graduated with this degree doing now?

Graduates of CMU's political science program are working in a variety of settings and fields including graduate and law schools, and as legislative aides, judges, attorneys, political consultants, campaign coordinators, caseworkers, and budget, program and policy analysts. Read some Success Stories.

Who can I speak with for more information about this major?

For additional guidance and information about the political science major, contact CMU's Admissions Department at 660-248-6251, toll-free at 877-CMU-1854, or admissions@centralmethodist.edu.

To read more about this major, visit our Major Resources page provided through CMU's Career Development Center.