3+2 Advantage

  • • The accelerated 3+2 program allows students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and a Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) in less time and/or fewer hours than a traditional route.
  • • Students who have met the pre-requisites for the MSAT and Exercise Science degree and need 29 or fewer credit hours to complete the Exercise Science degree may be considered for the accelerated graduate admission for the MSAT (provided all admission requirements are met).
  • • Students in the 3+2 accelerated program will be considered undergraduate students (with associated financial aid) through the spring semester of their fourth year (First year in MSAT).
  • • Undergraduate tuition applies to the courses required for the Exercise Science degree.
  • • Graduate tuition will apply to the remaining graduate courses in the fourth year.
  • • This accelerated program allows for a significant cost savings to complete both degrees.
  • • 3+2 accelerated program estimated cost savings of over $20,000 when compared to traditional 4+2 plan of study (based on avg. financial aid received by CMU student in 21-22 academic year).

NOTE: Federal regulations permit undergraduate students to receive financial assistance only for their current degree program. Students are strongly encouraged to contact Central Methodist University Office of Financial Aid to find out how their financial aid amount would be adjusted. University scholarship, tuition waivers, athletic certification, and veteran’s benefits may also be impacted.

Tuition and Fees