Athletic Training 3+2 Degree Program

HANDS-ON HEALTHCARE CAREER FOR THE ACTIVE POPULATION: Athletic Trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventive services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

Athletic Training 3+2 Offerings

This program is offered at the following locations:

Residential Campus

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Employment Settings

Job settings for athletic trainers include secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional sports, performing arts, military and law enforcement, hospitals and clinics, and industrial medicine.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics lists the demand for Athletic Trainers is expected to increase by 19% from 2018-2028.


At Central Methodist University, our mission is to develop students into competent professionals in the field who demonstrate interprofessional collaboration, patient-centered care through the application of clinical research, health informatics, and critical thinking. The program will provide the didactic and clinical experiences to foster an attitude of serving others while employing the principles of professional excellence, ethical leadership and social responsibility.

Accelerated 3+2 Program Overview

  • In years 1-3, students will be enrolled as an undergraduate in our Exercise Science program, complete general education coursework, and program prerequisite coursework.
  • In year 3 students will apply to the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT)program.
  • Years 3-4 students will begin MSAT program (2 full years if accepted).
  • Year 4 students will earn a BS in Exercise Science degree.
  • At the successful completion of year 5, students earn MSAT degree and are eligible to take the Board of Certification (BOC) exam.

Degrees Available