Athletic Training 3+2 Curriculum

Fall Spring
CMU101 Freshman Survival Skills I 1 CMU102 Freshman Survival Skills II 1
BI101 General Biology I 4 BI205 General Physiology 5
AT103 Introduction to Athletic Training 3 EN120 College Composition I &II 3
AT060 Directed Observation I 0 AT060 Directed Observation II 0
MA103 College Algebra 3 PE212 First Aid/CPR/AED 2
BI107 Human Anatomy 5 CT101 Communications Skills 3
16 14
Fall Spring
PE111 Wellness 1 PS101* Intro to American/Nat/St/Loc Gov 3
CH111 General Chemistry 4 MA105 Elementary Statistics 3
AH324 Human Anatomy and Kinesiology 4 EX327 Physiology of Exercise 3
PY101 General Psychology 3 AT060 Directed Observation IV 0
AT060 Directed Observation III 0 PL105* Introduction to Philosophy 3
EX203 Intro to Exercise Science 2 PL306* Ethics and the Professions 3
14 15
Fall Spring
PH111 General Physics I 4 PE216 Nutrition and Athletic Performance 3
EN305/6 Expository or Technical Writing 3 PY223 Developmental Psych 3
RL122 Religion and the Human Adventure 3 EN222 Introduction to Literature 3
AT060 Directed Observation V 0 AH212 Medical Terminology 3
EX331 Advanced Exercise Science 3 OB060 Directed Observation VI 0
Elective 3 PY301 Ab. Psych 3
16 15
Professional Year 1
AT513** Care and Prevention of Ath. Inj. 3
AT512** Therapeutic Interventions in AT 5
AT511 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice/ 1
Clinical Experience
Fall Spring
AT522** Upper Extremity Assessment and Rehab 4 AT533 Head/Trunk/Spine Assessment and Rehab II 4
AT523** Lower Extremity Assessment and Rehab 4 AT531** Movement Assessment 3
AT527 Clinical Experience in AT 1 3 AT538** Clinical Immersion in AT 1 3
AT521a AT Research I 1 AT521b AT RESEARCH 2 1
AT524** General Medical Conditions 4 AT534** Emerging Practices 3
16 14
Professional Year 2
AT548 Clinical Immersion in AT 2 3
AT532 Leadership and O & A. in AT 4
Fall Spring
AT557 Clinical Experiences in AT 2 3 AT568 Clinical Immersion in AT 3 3
AT550 BOC I 1 AT560 BOC II 1
AT551 Pharmacology in AT 3 AT566b Research Methods in AT 2 (AT Capstone) 2
AT556a Research Methods in AT 3 1 6

* Options available
** Counts toward Exercise Science degree requirements.

  • • Requirements for Thesis or Capstone: Three credit hours in AT566 Research Methods (Capstone Project) will count toward degree. Formal presentation of the project is required. The paper must be approved by the student’s advisor and program director before degree is granted.
  • • Students will complete the general education coursework by the end of the 3rd year spring semester (100 hours). The remaining 20 hours required to complete the BS degree in exercise science will be earned by taking graduate courses in athletic training taken in the summer between the 3rd and 4th year and during the fall of the 4th year of study. CAATE standards require all Athletic Training content courses to be taught at graduate level.
  • • Students who don’t meet the requirements to enter the MSAT program can finish the exercise science degree provided they meet those requirements. Students who don’t qualify for entrance into MSAT by deficiency will have the opportunity to satisfy the deficiency and re-apply upon successful completion but will not be allowed to matriculate into MSAT program.
  • • If student did not get into MSAT program, would have to complete courses below for exercise science degree.
    • PE210-Personal and Community Health (2)- Graduate class equivalent= AT524-General Medical Conditions (4)
    • PE323-First Aid, Care & Prevention of Athletic Training Injuries (3) - Graduate class equivalent= AT522-Upper Extremity Assessment and Rehabilitation (4); AT 523-Lower Extremity Assessment and Rehabilitation (4).
    • PE221 –Psych and Sociology of PE (3)- Graduate class equivalent = AT512-Therapeutic Interventions in AT (5).
    • PE321 -Org. and Administration of P.E. and Athletic Programs (2)- Graduate class equivalent = AT513-Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3).
    • EX 339- Test and Measurement in Physical Education (3)- Graduate class equivalent = AT 531-Movement Assessment (3).
    • EX 440- Program Design Internship (3)- Grad class equivalent = AT 538- Clinical Immersion I (3)
    • PE 202- Motor Learning and Development (3)- Grad equivalent = AT534-Emerging Practices (3)